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Top SEO Ecommerce Website Architecture Errors

Top SEO Ecommerce Website Architecture Errors
If an ecommerce website design is built without a proper search engine friendly architecture, your whole SEO effort can either have no effect or give limited success. If the ecommerce web design is not affecting the ranking of your site, you might need to act soon.

Sometimes, we make blunders while designing our sites. This blog will provide some tips to spot the website architecture mistakes before they have any impact on your site ranking:
  • Diminishing internal links: The most important component of SEO is links cannot be totally ignored. Often internal links are overlooked most of the time while trying to get inbound links from other sites. Internal links too count a lot in ranking and your site’s architecture should be planned to make the navigation easier, provide good places for keyword anchored links. Once you map out the architecture, think about the places to put links within the content.
  • Flash and JavaScript for navigation: These technologies seem so advanced and creative but they will mess up your pages as well as the navigation through the site. In fact, Google is finding it hard to improve its relationship with these technologies. But, you must cut Flash and Javascript out of the navigation area and opt for a much more prominent text based navigation.
  • No sitemap: A majority of ecommerce web designs have no sitemaps and that has resulted in them getting less attention from the search engines and the visitors. If you put sitemaps, you will be providing a great support for the overall SEO effort and make your path clear to the search engines.