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Are you Using Outdated SEO Techniques

Are you Using Outdated SEO Techniques
Are you using outdated SEO techniques? Is your business running at a loss because of these outdates practices? A lot of businesses do not change with the time. Very few people read about the changes that take place in the SEO industry and hence, tend to use the same textbook techniques that have long since been termed as outdated.

The funniest part is that nearly all the SEO firms today rely on the old textbook methods as the only form of optimization. However, you may ask that if SEO techniques such as font enhancements, meta-description tags, keyword placement, page Rank, and keyword density are all on the way out, then what techniques are on the way in?

Strictly speaking, all the textbook techniques are not on the way out so to say. But there’s no point sticking to these techniques if you cannot back them up with great content and a good reputation.

Many SEO firms and business owners rely on on-page optimization techniques and tag tweaking instead of the really unique techniques that build the value of their links and traffic. And although Google is not currently using the toolbar data, there is still more to getting your web pages to rank than playing around with your HTML and just mechanically submitting your website to directories.

The problem is that the kind of content generation and creative link building that is fast becoming the in thing requires a lot more of billable hours and can be very expensive. Whatever may be the case, the future trends of search engine marketing are all pointing towards creativity instead of technicalities. So, think viral and offline/online integration. Think social search, online PR, blog marketing, tagging and keyword message across corporate communications!