Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Customer Service is Vital for Online Business Success

Good Customer Service is Vital for Online Business Success
Brands are extremely important in creating impressions and increasing recognition with customers. For an online business, brands are even more important. What with the increase in the online shopping trends, customers make decisions of where to shop and what to buy much faster than they do in live stores. Brand equals trust in the world of Internet marketing. Nobody wants to go to an unknown store and submit confidential credit card information to people they don’t trust.

However, if yours is a small business and you don’t have the kind of money to spend on building a brand and on splurging on advertisements, then there is still another solution for you. The key to this is customer service. Here are a few tips to enhance your customer service experience:
  • Good Brands don’t always mean good service: Many businesses provide the best customer service but don’t generally boast about it in their image. And for some businesses, it is the other way round. Branding is not always equivalent to good services. Just because a company has a strong brand, does not mean it will provide customers with a luxurious and simple shopping experience.
  • Trust you’re Customer and your Customer will Trust you: Offer free samples, free assessments or free consultations without trying to be too much of a salesman. This will show that you trust your customers.
Above all, you can show your outstanding salesmanship skills by offering your customers a number of ways to contact you personally – email, phone number, fax etc. Also, adding a live chat increases your customers trust in you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Regular Website Maintenance is goof for your Business

Why Regular Website Maintenance is goof for your Business
It is not only important to design your website, but it is just as important tp program, host and maintain it. That is, if you want your site to be regularly updates and glitch-free; a site that works at optimal levels. However, maintenance and redesigning are 2 completely different things. Website maintenance is all about the ongoing support to change the content and images and to regularly update information.

Some of the functions that are included in website maintenance include:
  • Bug Fixing
  • Correcting Broken Links
  • Correcting Wrong Spelled Text
  • Updating Page Titles
  • Adding New Pages
  • Checking whether all the programmed forms are functioning properly
These are just a few of the functions. With regular website maintenance support, your website will malfunction every now and then, thus affecting its credibility. For instance, such websites that are transaction-oriented, like ticket booking sites, are required to perform accurately at any given time. Without a maintenance support team, these sites will run at a loss.

Many of the bigger companies have recognized the importance of keeping an in-house team of website maintenance experts. However, the smaller businesses cannot afford a separate team on their pay rolls, as it diverts their attention from the core areas. For such businesses, it is important to outsource the website maintenance tasks to companies that specialize in such services. Most web designing and development companies offer these services as well, and if you have hired such a company for your web design work, then you can continue to use their services for your web maintenance work.

Many companies specifically offer website maintenance services. However, it is important to choose a company carefully, as an incompetent company can lead to multiple repercussions. Regular communication should be made when you sign up with an efficient website maintenance company. It is not enough to just hire a team and leave the monitoring and maintenance to the team, but as a website owner, it is important to check if the work is going as you want it to or not.